Important Information Regarding Upgrades

SocialEngine PHP Community Script


We recently announced the release of SocialEngine PHP 6.4.0 and in our original blog post, we mentioned the following for our self hosted clients:

“V6.4 has new requirements and recommendations. Please be sure to read them and have your server updated.”

Many clients are not reading our release posts fully. This information is posted in our blog and our community. Please be sure that you fully read release posts as they can contain information you need before you upgrade your site. Some posts have even contained information about security patches that have been ignored, steps to take before upgrading, etc. Not following details contained in the blog posts can cause your site to either not upgrade fully, break after upgrading, or experience other issues that wouldn’t happen were the steps followed.

We also mentioned that our managed clients should open a support ticket in the client dashboard to request an upgrade. This helps us to schedule the upgrades and ask important questions before upgrading a managed site. Managed clients, please be sure to contact us about your upgrade by May 11, 2023 if your site is not already on our 6.4 version. 

The SocialEngine Team