How to keep backer communities engaged post funding

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If you have successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign, congratulations! You’ve identified a group of people who believe in your project and vision so much they invested in you. To keep your momentum going, you want to build a strong community of engaged supporters. But you don’t actually own your backer list so it’s not as simple as just sending out email updates.  What you can do, however, is create a community where your backers can engage with you and with each other.

1. Create a compelling blog 
Backers who invested in your idea want to know your progress. You can update them via your crowdfunding platform, but these updates are often clunky and confusing.  A blog, however, gives you the chance to share in-depth stories, photos, challenges and successes with your backers and makes them feel like they are part of your success.
2. Consider an exclusive social network 
Blogs tell your story, but backers want to ask questions and understand your process. Consider a private Facebook group or other exclusive social network where backers participate in conversations, ask questions and get sneak previews of successes and stories. The exclusivity of the group invites backers to get engaged and keeps them interested!
3. Invite backers to join your email list
You don’t own your backer list but that doesn’t mean backers can’t sign up to hear directly from you. Share your blog and social network on your crowdfunding page and invite backers to sign up for your email list. Once they’ve signed up, you can communicate with them directly, share updates and invite them to get further involved.
No matter how you choose to communicate with your backers, consistent contact is key. Make sure to check in with them every few weeks to share how your project is going and keep building that critical momentum that will help your success!
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