Four Simple Tips for Communicating Setbacks to Your Post Crowdfunding Community

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bannerSo, you decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign. Now it is over, the money is in your hands, and you are working hard to deliver on the project you promised your backers. Everyone in your post crowdfunding community eagerly awaits your weekly or monthly updates.
Then you hit a delay. One of the many considerations you will have to make as you look forward is – how do I tell my backers?
Here are a few suggestions from IndieGoGo, one of the more popular crowdfunding platforms.
Be Honest – Admit there has been a setback. Tell your community what is happening as plainly as you can. The more clearly your backers can understand, the better they can empathize with your situation.
Apologize – While you may not have intentionally broken any of the promises you made in your campaign, some of your backers could see it that way. A sincere apology lets them know you see them as people who care about your project, just like you do, and not just money to pay the bills.
Update Your Timeline – Let everyone know how the original timeline has been affected, and what the new timeline will be. Knowing you have a plan of action will help ease their concerns.
Share the Good News – This is a great time to share any progress updates on areas of the project that have not been slowed down, or to let your backers see the process up to this point. If someone has had something positive to say, add that in.
Ultimately, the people who have invested in your campaign are interested in what is happening – whether it is good or bad. Keeping them apprised of achievements and setbacks builds trust in your product and allows them to share in your journey from beginning to end.
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