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Another developer spotlight for everyone! This interview features NuSoft, the creators of the popular SE PHP video chat service, AVChat.

SocialEngine:  For those who don’t know, what’s AVChat and what does it offer a SocialEngine community?
NuSoft: AVChat is a web based software which provides users a video chat solution. It is installed on a Social Engine website together with the Video Chat Plugin for Social Engine. Basically AVChat3 is a standalone product for which we’ve developed that plugin which handles the integration with the SE users database. This allows the owner to set different permissions in chat for the different user groups in SE trough a backend panel. AVChat can be used for community chat, online lessons or anything related to an audio/video conference.
SocialEngine: Tell us a bit about your company. Do you provide services other than AVChat?
NuSoft: This is the main website: You can find info about our company and the other products we’ve developed and maintain.
SocialEngine: When did you first integrate your software with SocialEngine and why did you decide to do so?
NuSoft: The first version of the SE plugin for AVChat was released on 10.05.2010. As I said in the first answer, AVChat was first built as a standalone application. During time, we’ve got several requests from customers to integrate the chat with their CMSs and we’ve decided to develop some integration kits for the most used CMSs on the market, like SE is and sell them as separate products. This way it was easier for both – we and the customers to handle the integration.
SocialEngine: What is your opinion of SocialEngine as a community building platform?
NuSoft: SE is very stable and easy to use. We had no issues with it and we consider it as a strong community platform. Great job I can say.
SocialEngine: Do you have any examples of SocialEngine sites using AVChat that you can share?
NuSoft: Yes, our latest customer is

More as follows:
SocialEngine: How important is videochat for the modern community?
NuSoft: From our experience, a video chat solution installed on a website keeps the users entertained, moreover, many of AVChat owners are using it to monetize their websites. So I believe that the importance is case by case basis. If the website is an adult content one, a video chat installed is a big plus right? If the purpose is for online lessons, the same, users can interact with their teachers. A community is much entertained when having a chat with audio/video where they can meet and share thoughts.
SocialEngine: How difficult was it to integrate AVChat with SocialEngine?
NuSoft: Well, the rate of difficulty is from developer to developer. Social Engine is an easy to learn CMS. We had no issues and I guess we won’t have in the future.
SocialEngine: Are there are new features or updates expected for AVChat?
NuSoft: Sure. We are releasing a new build each month. For example, the latest build comes with a Pay Per View API which can be integrated with Social Engine. We are adding nice small features in each build, many of them at our existing customers requests.

SocialEngine: What’s next for your company?
NuSoft: Keep an eye on us 🙂  We won’t stop here as there are several ideas on our plate, but cannot talk about them yet.
SocialEngine: Thanks for the interview!

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