Crowdfunding: What You Need to Keep the Post-Campaign Momentum Going


Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to build buzz around your start-up, art project or social cause. But what happens when that campaign is over? It’s often difficult to keep the momentum going in the lag between raising money and fulfilling your project goals.


Customer Social Networks Drive Engagement
You don’t actually own your backer list – you’re basically stuck with the communication options your crowdfunding platform provides. Reply-all style updates are nice, but more personalized interaction is much more difficult. That’s where a custom social network comes in. With your own community, you can:

  • Keep your fans involved with exclusive content
  • Easily respond to questions
  • Create simple feedback loops

Free Kickstarting Community eBook
To learn more about how a custom social network can transform your crowdfunding campaign to a real movement, check out our eBook entitled Kickstarting Community: Custom Social Networks for Crowdfunding.

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