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Lately it seems everyone and their dog is on social media. Groups and companies use it for a variety of reasons. But if you’re not distinguishing yourself with something to offer, chances are even your own group members will fall out of touch. Here are a few suggestions for how to keep your online community alive and thriving.
Be Relevant
This is an obvious point, but don’t kill your momentum by blabbing off-topic. If your group is all about vinyl records, don’t post content about farming. Members of your community are there with you to strengthen your specific interests. They’re genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Keep confidential and personal content away from your professional landscape and stay on topic!
Be Helpful
Nobody wants anarchy within their beloved group. If you’re the leader, be sure to interact with your members. Create conversations, not a one-way stream of conscious that’s all about you. Most importantly, answer questions. The minute you offer good quality guidance, you become an asset to the entire community.
Use social mentions as testimony
Remember that funny tweet with a photo of your product? Did somebody Pin your logo to Pinterest? How about that great review on your Facebook page? You can use these kinds of social mentions to bolster your community’s credibility. Not only will it garner more social sharing, it will provide community-centered testimonials.
Be Honest
Online networks rely on trust between members and their community leaders. Let them know of any changes, troubles, or concerns. Respect your group members by being truthful and transparent. This way, you can avoid unwanted behavior and create a loyal following.
With a little practice, you’ll soon be thriving within your own community. If you’re ready to begin, let us know how we can help you achieve your custom social network.

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