Booya! Media Launches SocialEngine Mobile App

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Booya! Media has created a “white label” social app that’s easy to use, fast and cost effective. Most importantly, you’ll be able to keep your SocialEngine community active and engaged while they’re on the go.
Your community members aren’t behind their laptops 24/7, so your SocialEngine community needs to be easily accessible from everywhere your users are. Imagine how empowered and valued your users will feel once they’re able to seamlessly connect to your SE powered site from their phone.
Recently I talked with Jason Martell from Booya! Media about their “white label” solution, how easy it is to integrate with SE PHP and what SocialEngine users can expect from their impressive app.
Booya! Media Features - SocialEngine

For those that aren’t aware, explain what Booya!Media can offer current SocialEngine users?

  • An easy way to launch your mobile app into the app stores and have full control over design and content.
  • Never have to re-submit your app to the app stores in order to make changes.
  • Update your app design and content anytime instantly with just a few clicks.
  • Get around expensive mobile developer costs in order to customize your social engine app.
  • Sell products through your app without having to pay apple 30%.
  • Easily add any page from your SocialEngine community, as a section of your mobile app.


How easy is it for a non-technical person to customize the Booya! app?

We just spent $300,000.00 to develop these tools. Once we build the app, our customers are given full access to these tools to modify their app content and design instantly.


As a community admin, what are some additional benefits of incorporating a native app for your community members?

  • Reach all your community members by sending PUSH alerts.
  • Offer GPS and location based coupons through your app to drive customers back to your business.
  • Sell your app in the app store and make additional revenue from your community.
  • Sell your products in the app from eBay, Amazon, and more….

Are there any SocialEngine communities using the app now? Any examples?




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What’s on the horizon for you and Booya! ?

We will continue to improve our mobile tools platform for iPhone, iPad, and Android. We are releasing the following new features this week:

  • Instagram Feeds
  • Updated Events Tool
  • Loyalty Feature
  • Expanded GPS Coupons

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