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Women’s Day and Holi Sale!

Hello!  Spring is around the corner! New beginnings, wonderful scents in the air, and plenty of sunshine to roll around in! My sniffer gets all tingly with the smells and the office furniture helps me shed. It looks gorgeous if I do say so myself!  It’s also Women’s Day on March 8, a great celebration…

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Benefits of Choosing SocialEngine Managed

Salutations!  Have you got a great idea for a social networking community? Perhaps you don’t want to delve into setting up hosting but you want to get this great idea off the ground. Well, I’ve got the perfect solution for you! SocialEngine PHP managed service provides a full featured social networking platform with features similar…

SocialEngine PHP v6.3

SocialEngine PHP 6.3.0 Security and Maintenance Release

We are pleased to announce the release of SocialEngine PHP 6.3.0! This maintenance and security release fixes an important security issue, adds improvements, and addresses bugs posted by members of our community and staff. As this includes a jQuery security update, we strongly recommend everyone upgrade. Please read below for our requirements update.

SocialEngine PHP Community Script

Ring in the Holidays with Your SocialEngine Community

Holidays can be such a warm and fun time of year! You can liven up your SocialEngine PHP community and help your members celebrate the holidays. We’ll give some tips to help you get your social network socializing this holiday season. All of the tips below are easy to do with SocialEngine!

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Sale Event!

Hello! Holidays are coming, don’t you just love how festive it gets? My sniffer gets all tingly with the smells. If you’re looking to start your own social network, or Twitter alternative, now’s the time to do it and take advantage of a huge 25% discount! I’ve gone wild with all the scents, and have…

SocialEngine Twitter Alternative

Build Your Own Twitter Alternative with SocialEngine PHP

With recent changes at Twitter, many people and businesses are moving away and looking for alternatives. This is a great time for you to build your own alternative to Twitter! You can easily create a Twitter clone website with the SocialEngine PHP script.  Why Build a Twitter Clone Site? Twitter was recently acquired by Elon…

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Spencer Undercover – Diwali Celebration Sale!!

Howdy Everyone!!  We hope you’re having a safe and happy Diwali! It’s such a beautiful Festival of Lights and we thought it would be a perfect time for us to help you celebrate with a discount.

SocialEngine PHP Community Builder

Top 5 Reasons to Build Your Sports Community with SocialEngine PHP

From the ancient Greeks, to modern day Olympics, sports have been an important aspect of society that brings people together in an often divided world. SocialEngine PHP has all the tools you need to develop your own social network sports community. Creating a community for sports enthusiasts can provide you with numerous social and business…

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Condolences from SocialEngine

The SocialEngine team is extending our condolences to our friends, family, and clients in the UK and across the world on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was so much more than a leader and her legacy will live on forever. Her compassion, dignity, wisdom and sense of humor gave us all a glimpse…

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Spencer Undercover – Labor Day and International Charity Day Sale!

Hello Everyone!!  It’s holiday time and Labor Day is coming as well as International Charity Day. This is an awesome time to celebrate with generous offerings!  In celebration of Labor Day and International Charity Day, here are some discounts for purchases of SocialEngine PHP, SocialEngine Managed Service, BryZar hosting, and SocialNetworking.Solutions products! These discounts will…