August 2015 Keeping it Rolling Update

SocialEngine - Community Software

The dog days of August? No way. We’re cranking away.
Here’s what went down in August:
SocialEngine Cloud

  • Comment editing launched
  • Kept up on bug fixes. As always you can look at August Release Notes in our SocialEngine Developer Community

SocialEngine PHP

  • Worked on new hosting partnerships
  • Started to set up an enterprise pipeline
  • Promoted the launch of phpfox importer
  • Collecting issues stated for next release of SocialEngine PHP (4.8.10)

SocialEngine Brand

  • Did an eBook on crowdfunding
  • Worked on the rebrand launch plan

Plan for September

  • Start collecting feedback from SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine PHP demo users
  • Create a more seamless experience for getting technical SocialEngine PHP support
  • Continue Ning outreach on Quora, converter showcase
  • Setup an area for 3rd party demo sites to see whats possible with SocialEngine PHP

As always, we love your continued support of SocialEngine.
James Clark
SocialEngine CEO

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