April 2015 Keeping it Rolling Update

SocialEngine - Community Software

April was another month of getting things done at SocialEngine. We’re thrilled to have met a majority of our monthly projected items.
In May we are pushing hard to bring an improved customer and developer experience with our new website. As of May 4 we brought on a new full-time developer to help drive development efforts and deliver features at an increased pace.
Here’s what went down in April:
SocialEngine Cloud:

  • Launched Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Launched access to the SocialEngine Cloud roadmap. You can reference our previous post to find out how to engage with us and the roadmap
  • Launched the Post Editing feature. This was a big one as post editing touches almost every aspect of the content on the site. We hope you enjoy the improved experience
  • As always, for a list of additional updates please check out our release notes in our customer community
  • We created wireframes for an updated Menu Settings feature and we’re excited to move this into production

SocialEngine PHP

  • Continuing working on the roadmap for versions 4.9 and 4.10 and beyond
  • Worked on updating the demo to the latest version. We still have updates to make, but it now represents our current version
  • For the site relaunch we are entering the final phase and have completed:
    • Outlined work left to be done
    • Made progress on all fronts to bring forth a robust system

SocialEngine Support

  • Updated LiveChat strategy to better convert sales


What’s happening in May

Our goals for May are split into 4 main categories:

  1. Work on relaunch of the site, with the majority of our available hours dedicated to this task. Third-party developers will be able to submit their applications and we’ll be putting finishing touches on the content and purchasing experience
  2. Continual improvement of Cloud. With Post Editing done, our focus will shift to Comment Editing and updating the Menu Settings functionality. And, as always, we will continue to improve the platform with smaller changes and bug fixes
  3. PHP will receive a lot of love, including getting more content in the newly-updated demo, a roadmap announcement, and new Knowledge Base articles
  4. The marketing team will focus on outreach to emerging markets in need of communities

As always we truly appreciate the ongoing support from our developer community and the excitement for the updates and future direction of the company.

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