Add-On Highlights – Photo Filters, Business Directories and Stories

SocialEngine - Community Software

Here are the add-on highlights since our July post. Always fun to see what the community cooks up. The customize area contains hundreds of more add-ons, so browse around and see what catches your eye! Highlights:
Add-on: Using SocialEngineAddons directory add-on? Now you can add Offers to pages, complete with coupon codes and more!
Add-on: For all Instagram fans, now your members process their photos with fun pre-set Filters thanks to WebHive.
Add-on: Create directories with localized search and member reviews with this add-on by Radcodes. You can even charge for submission!
Add-on: Is your background to plain? SE-IT Group created this add-on that enables YouTube video backgrounds!
Add-on: Members can create content-rich Storiesย of trips, events, etc. thanks to CEOfox.
Add-on: Install multiple themes and let members decide which theme they like using the Theme Selector by SocialEngineExpert.

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