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Hello and welcome! Today, we’ll introduce you to Profile Questions in SocialEngine PHP. We’ll cover what they are, how they work, and how they can be useful to your community.

What are Profile Questions?

Profile Questions are custom fields or questions that members answer for their profiles. The Profile Questions can correspond to Profile Types in order to have customized questions for different member types. For example, you could have a Profile Type called “Actor” with profile questions that correspond to to the profile type. Examples would be movies, awards, Actor’s Guild Member, etc. You could also have a Profile Type of Director and have pertinent questions for Directors that don’t show on the Actor’s profile and vice verse.

How do Profile Questions Work?

Profile Questions work by connecting specific questions to a Profile Type. As members join your community, they select the Profile Type that they belong in. This then enables Profile Questions that have been set to that Profile Type to show on the member’s profile for them to fill in.
Here’s an example of some basic profile questions filled in on the member profile:

How are Profile Questions Useful?

Profile Questions are a great way to customize member profiles, help connect like-minded members, and sort members. These can be useful for dating, business, sports, music and many other types of communities.
You can choose whether the Profile Question shows on the member browse page, the signup page and the profile. Having these options allows you to control which Profile Questions show in public areas and which ones don’t.
Here’s how it looks on the member browse search section:
As you can see above, Profile Questions can be very useful for your community. With Profile Questions, your members can provide a better view of who they are, their business details, or perhaps even their band info. This versatile feature can be used however you envision – from personal, business, pets, religious or any other type of profile that you’ve set up.
Thank you for spending time with us! If you have any questions, please feel free to post at our community.

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