3 Community Management Tips for Extending Your Organic Reach

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Every social media post you publish has the potential to reach your fan base newsfeeds and additional social media users. This unpaid reach is known as your organic reach. One great key to community management success is the ability to extend your organic reach. There are many factors impacting your organic reach success including platform algorithms and audience engagements. But there are also elements more within your control.
Here are some factors and strategies to consider for organic reach growth.
What time of day do you post your content? Posting or scheduling content based on your audience’s lifestyle can have a huge impact on your organic reach. If you are just starting out with your community management, or if you are noticing a deficit in your organic reach, consider the daily life of one of your audience members. Is your core readership on a 9-5 workday schedule? If so, consider posting before work hours, during lunch, and after dinner (when your audience is likely to be checking social media). Test a few timeframes until you notice a readership pattern.
Hashtags are supported on every major social media platform. Hashtags allow you to create sub-topics within a post. These content elements automatically include your status updates and tweets into various conversation threads. Adding relevant, trending hashtags to your social media posts is like adding your voice to a conversation that is already happening, extending your reach beyond your core fan base.
While you are managing your community, you may have stumbled across a few social media groups that are relevant to your industry or mission. These groups can be invaluable resources for networking as well as tools for extending your organic reach. Sharing your relevant content within these social groups allows like-minded individuals the opportunity to engage with your posts. This can both bolster your organic reach and fortify network contacts. Some social media groups are moderated with strict member rules. Be sure to respect the wishes of each unique group, and don’t spam your networks so much as offer information you truly believe will interest them.
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