Upcoming Feature: Viglink for SocialEngine

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This blog is just a short explanation about the upcoming feature for Socialengine version 4.1.8, Viglink, and what it will do for your SocialEngine website.

Viglink is a dynamic ad technology that will transform your links into “affiliate links.”

Here is an example:

You or a user post a link to a product on your wall.

Viglink Post Example

Currently, you are not making any money from that link.

No Commission Viglink

What Viglink will do is automatically tag that link as an affiliate link when clicked.

Viglink Affiliate Tag

So if a user purchases a product from a “Viglink link” they clicked on your site, you will be making money from commission.

Earn Commission Viglink

Additionally, you can opt for VigLink to automatically insert new links into your site where you’ve referenced brands, merchants and (coming soon) products, creating additional opportunities for you to get paid.

Viglink Convert Keywords

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