Tips & Tutorials: Spam & Banning Tools

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Many of you have emailed us asking how to best protect your community from spam and fake user-profiles. Our software includes built-in tools for spam control, however some of them are not enabled by default. The Spam & Banning Tools article in our Knowledgebase can walk you through the Settings > Spam & Banning Tools menu in your admin control panel. Using these settings, you can ban IP addresses, censor offensive words, or enable/disable HTML in comments.

In addition, you may want to consider changing your signup process settings to “Invite Only,” requiring all new members to enter a CAPTCHA , or manually approving each new member. You can find these settings under Settings > Signup Process, as shown here in our demo

The Abuse Reports feature allows members to report offensive content or spam to administrators. This is useful as members are likely to encounter such content before admins. Refer to the Abuse Reports article in our knowledgebase for a how-to guide.

There are some third-party add-ons that can further enhance SocialEngine’s spam-fighting capabilities, such as the Anti-Spam Attack Web Application Firewall by SpamTrawler.

Your hosting provider may be able to offer additional security features at the server level. Contact your host with questions about what services they can provide.

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