Tips and Tutorials: Video Sharing

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Continuing where our Photo Sharing post left off, let’s talk video! Photos may be in the spotlight recently, but some say videos are next, with Viddy and others racing to be the next Instagram of video. Netflix streams Hollywood to our homes, we upload clips to the web—one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second—and SocialEngine communities use our Video Plugin to share moments of charity work in Thailand, races at the motocross track, and clips of that videogame we all can’t stop playing, so join the fun! Video sharing is a simple and fun way for members to stay engaged and active in your community.

Want to enhance the default video experience? Check out some cool add-ons created by our third-party developers. Users can upload videos straight from mobile devices with a full-featured mobile app, webchat, have a video widget, and even stream TV channels ! Or, hire developers for a custom feature unique to your community. Whatever keeps your members pressing play!

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