SocialEngine 4.9.1 Release

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Bet you didn’t expect to see us with another release so soon! Our team is committed to providing a quality product for our clients. This minor release addresses some issues that impacted clients that had third party products and upgraded before those products had compatible versions. We felt we needed to improve our product in order to avoid any issues with third party products that aren’t updated. This release addresses the aforementioned concern, as well as a few other issues.
Fixed Issues or Improvements Made:

  • Fixed issue with user privacy for photo album not respecting member level. (Fixes #607)
  • Fixed issue with user profile fields info not being searchable if added before admin made those fields searchable. (Fixes #592)
  • Fixed issue with integer value “5” not getting saved in member level settings of plugins. (Fixes #341)
  • Fixed issue with edit and delete options not working for Event and Group categories.
  • Added APCu support for PHP 7 that was not working in 4.9.
  • Fixed other issues in 4.9 with PHP 7 compatibility.
  • Fixed CSS errors in Bamboo Theme.
  • Fixed issue with uploaded videos not playing. (Fixes #700)
  • Fixed spelling error on create poll page. (Fixes #684)
  • Fixed issue with mobile profile options widget not working. (Fixes #678)
  • Issue: Third party products which were not updated caused SocialEngine default CSS not to load. Solution: We separated our core CSS from 3rd party add-ons so clients have the base theme loaded to get their site running off the bat.

NOTE: Please make sure that you do a complete backup of both files and database before performing this upgrade. Please have the backup performed by your host or a developer if you’re not comfortable with performing it yourself.
You can also browse the complete changelog for more details about the changes and fixes implemented in this version.
You can download your copy of version 4.9.1 from your client account. To upgrade, please view our upgrade documentation or, if you’d rather we take care of the hard stuff, you can order an upgrade and we’ll do it for you. Fresh installs should follow this installation tutorial or you can order an installation ticket and our team will get it installed in no time!
Thank you all for your help in posting any bugs you may have found! If you find any more issues, please let us know by filing a bug report in our Public Bug Tracker or by contacting us here. Lastly we’d like to encourage you to stay connected with the community.
With Great Respect,
The SocialEngine Team

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