SocialEngine 3.20 Released, SE4 Update

SocialEngine - Community Software

SocialEngine version 3.20 was released recently to address several important issues. Please refer to the changelog for a full listing, but the patches include:

– Fixed input filter to allow for advanced features in FCKeditor
– Fixed several PHP 4 compatibility issues introduced in the last release
– Fixed a logout bug related to the use of tokens
– Fixed issue related to memcaching and sessions

To upgrade to the latest version, simply login to the client area, download the SocialEngine core and follow the instructions in upgrade.html.

We’ve been busy chiseling away at SocialEngine 4 and are working on getting it completed as quickly as possible. The best estimate we can give at this point is a downloadable beta within the next 2 months and a final release within 3 months, although these dates are subject to change as quality is always our highest priority.

Thank you all for your continued support and as always please let us know if you have any questions or comments using the contact form on our website.

– The SocialEngine Team

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