SE 3.04, Albums, Polls, Music BETA Plugins Released

SocialEngine - Community Software

We are making great progress towards having the final SE version 3 and all associated plugins rolled out. Today, we’ve
released an update to the platform beta (3.04) along with the compatible Albums, Polls and Music plugins. The platform
update fixes some minor bugs reported in the previous beta, and it is now fully stable.
The next update will be a co-release of Blogs and Groups. Classifieds, Events, and Video will follow shortly after, along
with the final version of the SocialEngine 3 platform. Also, be sure to check out the RSS feed
we’ve created for our official news.

On a sad note, our beloved intern Matthias has completed his internship today and returned to Germany after working in
our office for six weeks. Matt contributed so much to SocialEngine, including an amazing Video plugin. We’ll miss you

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