New SE Cloud features – rich content in posts, live activity feed, leaderboards…

SocialEngine - Community Software

We are way overdue for an update on our progress with SocialEngine Cloud! Here are some cool new things we’ve recently added to the platform:

  • Commenting by email – now, when you receive an email notification that someone has responded to your post, you can reply to that email and your reply will be posted as a comment.
  • New post categories widget – this widget will display a list of all the post categories you’ve created for your site.
  • Member hovercards – on most themes, when you hover over a member’s name, a hovercard will appear with their photo and profile info.
  • Better logo management – now you can easily select a site logo from the Media Manager in your admin panel.
  • Live activity feed – now, the activity feed on your site will auto-update when new posts are made, without needing a page refresh.
  • API improvements – we’ve added several new things to the API, including the ability to extract your members‘ email addresses
  • Members leaderboard widget – lets you list your members by how many points they have (members earn points by posting, commenting, and doing other active things)
  • Improved “what’s hot” algorithm – now factors in data from comments on posts.
  • Mobile improvements – lots of frontend usability and aesthetic imporvements to the mobile frontend
  • Rich content posts – if you’ve enabled it, your members can now compose posts that include rich HTML, embedded images, links, etc.

Rich content posts might be the most notable recent addition. We’ve integrated a nice WYSIWYG editor that your members can use to compose posts with interesting formatting and embedded content.

Let us know what you think, and what you’d like to see in our next SE Cloud update!

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