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Add arcade games to your community with add-ons developed by SE4Mods, ITterra, and Radcodes. Members can compete with one another over high scores and leaderboard rankings in thousands of games intergrated from services like Mochi Media and Kongregate. Use MochiAds to earn revenue while members play. A Games Plugin is a fun and simple way to keep members active and engaged. Millions of people play games everyday; from browser-based games, to Facebook applications, to Playstation, so why not let your website in on the pie?

Sure, Farmville doesn’t interest everyone, and arcade games may not match the identity of your SocialEngine site, but that’s no reason to give up on games altogether. Gamification in social media rewards user behavior. A Foursquare check-in gives points and increases leaderboard standing against Foursquare friends. Yelp Elite Squad members receive unique profile badges for being the elite of Yelp reviewers. Try gamification techniques with SocialEngine using a Radcodes add-on that enable custom badges and awards, or enable check-ins with an add-on by Hire-Experts. There are also possibilities with default features such as creating custom member levels with limited availability.

Any ideas not available as a plugin or add-on? Have it custom developed just for your site. The possibilities don’t stop.

Other add-ons to check out: Activity Points Plugin to reward members with points for social network activity, Groupon Plugin for promotional deals, and more “badge” add-ons by SocialEngineAddons, Leopedia Web Solutions, and ShareCollections.

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