Classifieds Plugin Released, New Tutorials, New Team Member

SocialEngine - Community Software

Here’s something many of you have been waiting for. We’ve released a classifieds plugin! This
plugin lets your users post classifieds listings within any categories you create (like “Jobs”,
“Personals”, “For Sale”, etc.) Your users’ listings will appear in the recent activity feed and
on their profiles. Users can also browse your marketplace by category and search criteria, and every
category can have its own unique search fields (including numerical ranges for things like price, age, etc.)
We really hope you enjoy this addition to the SocialEngine platform.

Meanwhile, the SocialEngine team is growing! Say hello to Brett, our most recent addition to the team. He
will be helping many of you with your support tickets, writing new tutorials, and working on new plugins and
features for the platform.

Our tutorials area has also grown a bit. Brett and John have each released a tutorial:

1. John’s RSS feeds tutorial
2. Brett’s top-rated user photos tutorial

You will also now find Russian and German language packs in the tutorials area. They are all very cool – check them out!

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