3 Ways Custom Social Networks Enhance Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Crowdfunding platforms are used in many different ways for many different purposes, but all can be enhanced with a custom social network. What makes crowdfunding work is the many people who contribute small amounts of money toward a purposed goal, so creating a way for these people to interact and be further engaged only enhances this effort. Specifically, here are 3 ways custom social networks enhance crowdfunding campaigns:

    • Gaining Attention and SEO Traction
    • Provides Contributors a Place to Post Relevant Information and Interact
    • Creates a Self-Help Knowledge-Based Center for Prospective Contributors

Gaining Attention and SEO Traction
A custom social network is full of unique content with related keywords toward the cause. Search engines pick up on these posts and keywords and include them in search engine results. Being visible in search engine results with multiple keywords brings attention to prospective contributors. Also, fresh content – constantly being created by users with links and related keywords – keeps the webpage alive and well for SEO purposes.
Provides Contributors a Place to Post Relevant Information and Interact
Updates, asides, and even long drawn out opinions upon the subject of the crowdfunding campaign, all enhance the experience and keep contributors involved. Depending on the purpose, these additional informative contributions can keep the campaign on-track with up-to-date relevance. At the very least, this gives like-minded people a place to interact and generate ideas.
What better place to centralize the discussion than a custom social network for the crowdfunding campaign itself? Delegate and encourage the distribution of relevant information for the purposes intended. This gives everyone a chance to be part of the experience beyond their contributions, and a way for those involved to be privy to in-depth resources through multiple channels.
Creates a Self-Help Knowledge-Based Center for Prospective Contributors
A custom social network provides more information than the summary explanation. Specifically, a self-help and knowledge-based center is automatically created for prospective contributors. Visitors funneled through the enhanced SEO, happen upon a lively discussion; they become engaged through organic marketing and are compelled to contribute to join the discussion as an insider.
Using a custom social network to compliment crowdfunding campaigns enhances the cause by: gaining SEO attention, engaging like-minded contributors, and informing/compelling visitors to contribute.
Considering the low-cost of having a quality custom social network with SocialEngine, this strategy should be seriously considered. If interested in learning more or starting a free trial, please contact us today.

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