This is an addendum to our general Terms of Service. By using our store, you agree to both the Terms of Service the Store Terms of Service.

All products submitted to the store are the property of the listing expert and subject to their Terms of Service and copyright. We, Ahead WebSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in addition to Webligo Developments (collectively known as SocialEngine), provide a venue for products and services to be listed. You understand and agree that no liability exists to SocialEngine for any listed products or services.

Official SocialEngine products are listed by SocialEngine and supported by SocialEngine per the support terms. Each product listing shows the expert name and contact details in the listing.

Store Terms

  • Any warranty of performance is at each Expert’s discretion. You are advised to check the terms on the Expert’s website or profile. Experts assume all liabilities for their products. SocialEngine does not assume any liabilities in regards to Expert products.
  • Listings are not tested and are provided as a convenience for customers.
  • We recommend installing third party plugins to a development site before adding to a live site in order to check for any issues, conflicts with other plugins or customizations that may be needed. Should any issues be found, the listings contain information and a link to contact the expert responsible for the product.
  • In some cases, listings will be featured either au gratis through achieving good reviews, or as a sponsored advertisement. By purchasing these featured products, you understand that the featured status can be a paid advertisement or sponsored ad. Featured status does not mean that SocialEngine endorses the product or that it’s been tested.

Store Product Support

Support for store products is provided by the expert that is listing the product. SocialEngine is not responsible for support for any third party products.

Reviews of Products

  • Only clients that have community access will be able to write reviews for products via comments and star rating.
  • Reviews must be written in English.
  • Reviews must be relative to the product itself and not reflect customizations or lack thereof.
  • Reviews are final and cannot be removed or changed unless they break our terms as mentioned below. Please take care when writing reviews. For issues with a product, please contact the expert for help before writing your review.

SocialEngine reserves the right to:

  • Accept or Reject any products submitted, for any reason.
  • Remove any products that are pirated (stolen works of another). In such an occurrence, the third party expert will also forfeit his/her account and will no longer be allowed an account.
  • Remove reviews that are blatantly paid or professional reviews; that contain obscenities; that break any posted rules of conduct; that are purposefully detrimental to an expert’s reputation and unconstructive; that are not written in English.
  • Remove client access to the community (where the store is located) due to non-payment of license; piracy or sharing of products; writing false reviews after a warning; extorting experts for free products or services. Investigations would be performed with due diligence if such claims are made.
  • Remove an expert from the program for multiple complaints that remain unresolved (upon management review); products are all receiving poor reviews with no improvements; threatening clients; any other reason in which SocialEngine finds the expert to be detrimental to clients, their sites, or the store. Investigations would be performed with due diligence if such claims are made.

SocialEngine provides this store as a courtesy so that our clients and third party experts have an easy venue to find and sell products or services. We do not guarantee any amount of uptime, results in sales, or approval time for Expert Profiles or Products. We strive to provide the best experience we can, and will improve things as we see fit. By using our store, you acknowledge and agree to all of the above.