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Admin Features

  • Manage menus
  • Choose from preconfigured color schemes or make your own!
  • Send push notifications to all site members for real time updates.
  • Choose and manage the welcome slideshow images.
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Development Features

  • Android and iOS apps source code included!
  • Fully customizable.
  • Languages: Java & Kotlin (Android), Swift 5.1(iOS).
  • Bonus! Inquire at SocialNetworking.Solutions about a $100 credit towards customization from them. Only available with the SocialEngine PHP Advanced Plus bundle purchase.
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Frontend User Features

  • Android and iOS apps in the app stores where users are sure to find them!
  • Easy mobile navigation.
  • Mobile camera support.
  • Push notifications to keep users engaged.


  • Requires SocialEngine PHP version 6.0.0 and up.
  • Smileys require server configuration. PHP extensions: IntlChar (required for Unicode characters support.)
  • Support for the mobile apps is provided by SocialNetworking.Solutions who are providing these native mobile apps, and app source code. Support for the source code itself is not included.
  • One free build only. This one free build is provided only before delivery of the source code. For upgrades and additional builds, see SocialNetworking.Solutions for pricing.
  • See the installation tutorial for installation of the mobile apps and setup details.
  • These are only compatible with SocialEngine official plugins, and SocialNetworking.Solutions plugins. Customization help would be needed from your developer or SocialNetworking.Solutions to use these with any third party plugins.
  • Google and Apple charge their own fees to have these in their stores. You are responsible for those yearly fees.

Sales and Support Info

Support Hours

Support is provided by SocialNetworking.Solutions.