Three ways to use community management technology to discover new talent for your team

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We’ve already established the importance of building a community around your brand and some tips on how to make it successful.
The goal is to bring vibrancy to your brand by connecting members in a forum centered around your company vision. This helps spread brand awareness as followers share and contribute content with their friends and family.
However, the benefits of a healthy community are not reserved only for consumers; it’s also vital to foster community in the workplace.
Companies can use community management apps to engage staff and promote connection between the business as a whole and each individual member.
That’s great for existing staff, but how can the idea of community be utilized to attract quality new talent to the team?
Pretty easily, actually.
Use current employees as brand ambassadors 
When on the hunt, many job seekers check out social networking platforms, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, as the first step in their search to get more information about prospective employers. When they land on your company page, you want to give them a positive and detailed picture of what it’s like to work there. From there, they can connect with current employees and link to community content which will hopefully inspire them to get in touch and learn more.
Use community technology to sell authenticity
These days, it’s incredibly important for companies to be relatable, both in the consumer retention and employment arena. Competition is fierce to retain business, as well as to ensure the longevity of quality team members. Share content that is inspiring, educational, and conveys your company vision. What does your company do to benefit the greater community? Use video and testimonials to put a human face to all you do.
Treat potential employees as you would potential clients
It’s a job-seeker’s market right now. In order to woo the best, you need to highlight the ways your work environment is the best. Displaying the strong community you’ve created using community technology is a great place to start. Show potential employees that once hired, they will be appreciated as a unique contributor to the company mission, and that they’ll have a medium to connect with other staff, and other members of the greater industry community.
For more information on how to sell your company as an outstanding employer with a vibrant community, contact us.

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